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y wa●s estimated at〓 23 billio◆n U.S. dollars,■ with the Chine◆se market account●ing for 1.■1 billion U.S. do■llars.China's tele■com network equi○pment giant Huawei T■echnologies and US 〓security soft■ware maker Sym〓antec have

○launched a joi●nt venture in s〓outhwest Ch●ina.The new company,● named Hua●wei-Symante●c, is based in Che●ngdu in southwes○tern Sichuan P○rovince. Huawei○ owns 51 percent● of the joint ventu〓re, while Sym■antec holds the ●remaining 49 perc○ent.Related ◆Video:China's tele◆com networ■k equipment giant Hu■awei Technologie■s and US securi■t

y software maker Sy●mantec have● launched a j〓oint venture in s〓outhwest China.T■he new company○, named Huawei-Syma〓ntec, is bas〓ed in Chengd◆u in southwestern Si○chu

an Province. Huaw■ei owns 51 percent ●of the joi●nt venture, whi〓le Symantec hol●ds the remaining 4◆9 percent.◆Related Video:A to●uch of future w◆ith cutting-edge Chi●nese technologies ■at Mobile Worl〓d CongressA● touch of fu○ture with cutting-◆edge Chinese t◆echnologies a●t Mobil

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e W●orld CongressA〓 touch of future w●ith cutting-edge C■hinese technol◆ogies at Mobile Worl〓d Congress02-2●8-2018 10:45 BJ■TBARCELONA, Feb. 27● (Xinhua) -- Ju○st by putting ■on a black h◆elmet, a ba○ckpack and a p◆air of gloves, Hose● Aquinas made his ●personal hi●story

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